Hot Kitchen Trends for 2016

- 29.08.2016 -

The SCIC 2016 kitchen range concept sees the creation of interior solutions, from concept to completion, with 3 main factors simplicity, craftsmanship and functionality.

Open Plan

For the social butterflies of the world, an open plan kitchen is ideal. It centralizes the kitchen and gives you the space to entertain guests while you’re cooking. From breakfast bars to islands, an open floor plan gives you the flexibility in terms of space and means you won’t miss out on any part of the night.

Brushed Steel

Still very much sought after, metallic kitchens aren’t running out of steam any time soon. To bring this trend up to date, opt for brushed steel as opposed to the shinier versions of late. Offset the shine with a matte or block dark colour to really show off the finish.

Super Storage

Utilising the space in your kitchen is something that many people struggle with, SCIC kitchens are designed and built with space in mind. From drawers opening at the touch, to hidden cupboards, multi-use appliances and more, cramming everything into 3 tiny cupboards is a thing of the past!

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