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Sanitary ware by Satariano encompasses all plumbed-in ceramic fixtures found within the bathroom. Satariano’s stunning range of sanitary ware on display across three floors of their Valley Road showroom in Malta includes sinks, basins, toilets, WCs and bidets. Today in Malta the emphasis is on making homes look their best, and this includes the minor details, even encompassing bathrooms and sanitary ware that have often been overlooked in the past.

Sanitation is a must for every society, but this industry did not truly exist until the 16th century, and it took another two centuries for these products to be given any decorative or aesthetic qualities. Nowadays people are paying more attention to these minor details, and so the industry of designer sanitary ware is now a booming market.

From some of the finest brands, Satariano provides a line of sanitary ware that emphasises quality and cleanliness whilst oozing style and luxury, combining soft curves and smooth edges with contemporary and more classical styles.

In fact, Satariano’s roots began in 1898 with this industry when Roger Satariano began to import and sell sanitary ware to Malta from the UK, whilst his son George created a company to import the same. The two then joined forces to form Roger Satariano & Son.

Satariano provide complete sanitary ware solutions, whether for an intimate bathroom in a family home or for numerous corporate clients, from hotels to local companies and residential developments. Choose your stylish basin, water closet, paper holders and refine the concept of sanitary ware in Malta.

Whether your preference is for an atypical porcelain mini washbasin with rounded corners and minimal space requirements to retro angled basins or the very latest in modern design, Satariano can offer you the best product at very reasonable prices.

Once again, Satariano partners with internationally acclaimed Ideal Standard, the leading bathroom solutions provider, constantly launching new and innovation collections, combining designer intelligence, technical expertise and the value of customer insights to provide products that truly understand the deeply intimate role that bathrooms play in our lives.

Noken, Porcelanosa Group’s specialist in sanitary ware and bathroom fittings, also has a genuine passion for design, creating bathroom products that evoke a high visual appeal.

Since its creation, Noken has demonstrated an environmental commitment both internally and externally. This is not just reflected by the end products that the company launches on the market, but also by its day-to-day work, its manufacturing processes and the professionalism of its staff.

Constantly searching for new approaches and new ideas, Noken’s extensive line of sanitary ware comprises the logical, compact, imaginative, soft and the new in a stunning product line that embodies ultimate cleanliness. The latest designs from Noken have create trends on the international bathroom scene, featuring innovating and revolutionary concepts, adding a new twist on aesthetic values by offering a well-balanced union of shapes and function to any bathroom environment.